Janani is one of India’s fastest growing healthcare brands that effectively combines technology with medical expertise to provide affordable, convenient and end to end solutions around sexual wellness, reproductive health and fertility.

Janani was founded by Nilay Mehrotra, ex-Founder of VC funded CharIoT and SenRa and recipient of the prestigious Top 50 CEO by World Innovation Congress 2018. The team also consists of the extremely famous Dr. S.S.Vasan, one of India’s top Andrologist and Sexual Health experts(ex-Founding Chairman of Manipal Fertility Group and the President of South Asian Society of Sexual Medicine) and Raj Garg, ex-CTO at Farmley, co-founder at CharIoT and an IIT Roorkee graduate of 2016.

Janani has 3 distinct LOBs-

  • Play.life- Solutions around sexual performance boosters and common dysfunctions
  • Make.life- Solutions around fertility issues. This includes Janani’s proprietary product ANP (Assisted Natural Pregnancy) that tries to understand the core issues stopping couples from conceiving, and provides solutions to enable them to conceive naturally with the help of counselling and supplements. The make.life segment also organically extends into procedures such as IVF, IUI and Egg Freezing for patrons who are unable to conceive naturally.
  • Live.life- Solutions around lifestyle issues that may lead to sexual or reproductive health problems. The 3 sub pillars in this are- weight management, smoking deaddiction, 

However, we understand that the awareness around sexual health in India is quite low, especially due to the taboos and misconceptions around these topics. Which is why, we have made it very easy for any individual looking for any kind of information or guidance on these matters. The ways we have done it are-

  • Consultations- Janani provides very low cost online doctor consultations by senior Andrologists/OB-GYN and experience psychologists. This helps people in pin-pointing any issues that they may have, and seek help for the same. This has proven to be of immense value to consumers who’d otherwise be lost in a market full of fake medicines, quacks and misinformation.
  • Diagnostics- Janani also provides advanced diagnostics, from the comfort of people’s home. Janani has recently launched India’s first, at home semen analysis, which has proven to be immensely popular in Bangalore and already showing 500-600% M-o-M growth in its first 2 months. One of the reasons at home semen test has proven to be so popular is that it completely eliminates the fear of being recognised at a ‘sex clinic’-which can be very embarrassing. Such technological disruptions is how Janani aims to differentiate itself from its competitors, with many new products already in the development pipeline.
  • Nutraceuticals– Janani also has its own range of supplements and products specifically designed to address the most common sexual problems that people face. These are products that clinically recommended and approved by relevant governing bodies to ensure people don’t take the various ‘experimental and unproven medicines’ available in the market. Our products are also sourced 100% naturally, thus reducing the chances of side-effects or any other type of adverse effects that are common with synthetically produced products.
  • Library- Janani is also building a comprehensive content hub on its platform that will serve as an encyclopedia of sorts for all topics around sexual wellness and fertility. It will include detailed articles, interviews with top doctors and experts in the field, research papers, surveys and interactive forums so that users can use it as a one-stop-solution for any and all queries that they have. The idea is to drive users away from the plethora of misinformation present on the internet to a source of knowledge they can trust and keep coming back to.

The consumer journey that we envisage will be that an interested individual enters the platform through the content hub, learns about whatever is relevant to him and also how Janani is helping with sexual wellness. They then go on to book consultation with a doctor or take one of our interactive quizzes to identify and subsequently book a diagnostic test that’s relevant to them. The doctors then understand their problem thoroughly and then take them through a customized and personalized treatment plan that’s most suitable for them.

The sexual wellness market in India is an untapped gold mine. According to our estimates and research, the total market size for our primary target age group (25-44) in India is about 42.5 CR people. Assuming 25% share, the serviceable market size would be around 10.7 CR people which gives us a SOM of about USD 137 Mn, even with very conservative estimates. If we include the secondary age brackets (18-60) in this estimate as well, then the SOM becomes USD 215 Mn, with the corresponding SAM and TAM being about USD 22Bn and USD 90 Bn respectively!

Janani has been able to show some remarkable numbers in its first 2 months of launching services in Bangalore. It has shown more than 100% M-o-M growth in terms of number of visitors to the website, and is on track to hit 500%-600% growth in number of orders for its Semen Test, just from Bangalore. The platform can also boast of an engaged community of more than 2500 verified sign-ups, with more than 10% of them having availed at least one paid service. It has also obtained significant coverage from national and local news publications, and is soon going to launch its services in Mumbai- another market with enormous potential. Janani’s goal is to maintain, or even improve, this phenomenal growth rate over the coming months, while providing unparalleled value to its patrons in the process.

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