Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, couples who opt for fertility treatments saw that this time-sensitive process was put on hold for some time.  Now, since the unlock phase 1 has been announced, it is definitely the right time to continue with your fertility treatment.

What Is IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is one of the types of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) that works using a combination of medicines and surgical procedures in order to help sperm fertilise an egg after which the fertilised egg is implanted in the uterus. First, a woman is put on the necessary medication to ensure that her eggs are mature and ready for fertilisation. Next, the doctor performs a procedure called egg retrieval, post which, the sperms and the eggs are fertilised in the IVF lab. After that one good quality fertilised egg (embryo) is transferred into a woman’s uterus and the woman may become pregnant if the embryo implants itself in the lining of the uterus. Some IVF clinics also transfer more than one embryo, but it is not advisable as it can have further implications on the pregnancy outcome.

Couples undergoing fertility treatments witnessed a setback owing to the coronavirus pandemic when non-emergency/elective medical procedures were put on hold. Couples fulfilling their dream of parenthood through IVF already undergo a lot of stress and anxiety. The pandemic only added to their stress. But now with the lockdown slowly easing, it is now safe for couples to seek any ART-related treatments.

Know Why You Should Not To Delay An IVF Treatment

For some patients, IVF is time-sensitive. For example- it is for those women who are more than 30 years of age with a long duration of fertility and have a poor ovarian reserve, men/women needing fertility preservation due to malignancies and other conditions. Here, delaying an IVF treatment will lower the chances of the success of the treatment. In turn, the couple may feel paranoid, anxious, and depressed. You must be aware that assisted reproductive technology (ART) has allowed many couples to fulfill their dream of becoming proud parents and enjoy parenthood. Thus, not neglecting the signs of infertility and starting off the treatment at the right time can help the couple conceive


Consult Your Doctor For This

During this pandemic, if you are planning to opt for or continue with your IVF treatment, please speak to your doctor. Postponing your fertility treatment in the fear of COVID-19 can have severe outcomes with decreased success rates and increased criticality. There is no wrong time for having a baby, and people who have planned to have a baby through assisted reproduction can surely opt for IVF, even during this pandemic. Thus, you can begin the treatment with the necessary precautions. It is of utmost importance to pick a fertility centre that adheres to strict safety protocols. Patients going ahead for treatment should be cautious about how stringently the safety protocols have been implemented in accordance with the government directives.

Measures To Ensure A Safe Fertility Treatment

– Mandatory usage of masks the minute you step out of your house. Carry a sanitiser with you at all times, and practice hand washing at regular intervals.

– Ensure the clinic adheres to safety protocols such as temperature checking, mandatory download of the Arogya Setu app, seating arrangement with appropriate social distancing, usage of suitable protective gear for both the patient as well as the doctor, regular sanitisation of the surroundings as well as regular sanitisation of all medical equipment in the clinic.

– Avoid stepping out unnecessarily. If you are not required to physically meet your doctor, then utilise the tele-consultation services offered by the fertility clinic.

IVF treatments take time and can be stressful, so it is most important to be prepared. Speak with your doctor, and mentally prepare yourself for the journey ahead of you. Read up about the process, and speak to other couples about their journey with help from your doctor. Make an informed decision, and whatever you decide, ensure complete priority to your mental and physical well-being.

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