50% of its centres are located in north India, 30% in the western part, 6% in the east and 14% in the south.

Indira IVF, the largest player in the country’s infertility treatment space, is set to expand its presence in eastern India as it looks at an holistic growth in a market that continues to be under-penetrated.

Founded in 2011 in Udaipur, Rajasthan, by Dr Ajay Murdia, it has grown from two speciality fertility clinics set up in 2015 to more than 93 clinics across 21 states. Of these centres, 50 per cent are located in north India, 30 per cent in the western part, 6 per cent in the east and 14 per cent in south.

“We are optimistic about our holistic growth. We are putting more time and energy now on east and south because we are predominantly present in the north and the west. In the east and south, we will continue to expand and might look at some mergers or acquisitions. We are also trying to expand internationally given the infrastructure, technology and expertise we have developed in India,” Kshitiz Murdia,  co-founder and CEO, Indira IVF, told The Telegraph.

“We do get patients from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and some parts of Africa where the quality of treatment and facilities are not good or the expenses are too high. We want to reach more and more population. So, east and south of India and international expansion are in our plans,” Murdia added.

Though there was a temporary halt in expansion plans as the Covid-19 struck in March, the company was able to start five new centres in the post-lockdown period.

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